Donating to Glass.Mapper.Sc

  • 22 Nov 18

In my last blog post I discussed how I had moved to a paid for training course to help fund and support the Glass.Mapper.Sc project. I also discussed different ways that the project could be supported, ( e.g. donations, sponsorship, etc) and requested feedback from the community.

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Supporting Glass

  • 23 Oct 18

Recently there have been a few discussions about the removal of documentation and the changes to a paid training course. In this blog post I want to address those comments and the reasons for the changes.

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Working with Helix

  • 10 Oct 18

In this blog post I am going to look you can work with Glass.Mapper.Sc in a Helix styled solution, specifically I will look at how to load configuration in a Helix solution

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Version 5 of Glass.Mapper.Sc has arrived

  • 03 Jul 18

In has taken a lot of hard work and several months to complete Version 5 of Glass.Mapper.Sc but finally last night I was able to push the release to!

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V5 Is Coming

  • 12 Jun 18

The last year has been pretty quiet with Glass.Mapper.Sc, we have been mostly supporting users via Slack and Consultancy. I have also been working on another project that took up a lot of my spare time. 

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Killing The Publish

  • 30 Mar 17

A problem that often occurs on Sitecore solutions is the accidental large publish. A user mistakenly selects a top level Sitecore item, checks Sub-items and Related Items and then clicks  publish.

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Compiled Sitecore Views

  • 03 Feb 17

Kam had written an interesting blog post on how to Precompiled view support has been added to Sitecore 8.2 ( I wanted to implement this on 8.1 U3.

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Release 4.3

  • 08 Dec 16

This blog post gives you early information on Release 4.3 of Glass.Mapper.Sc! Check out the new features and let us know what you think.

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  • 23 Aug 16

The latest release of Glass.Mapper.Sc is designed to make it easier for developers to customise and also contribute to the project.

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Enabling and using the Publish:Complete:Remote event

  • 28 Jul 16

A quick browse through the Sitecore config finds the following publish events:

<event name="publish:complete">
<event name="publish:complete:remote">

You may notice that by default Sitecore does most of it's events processing in the publish:end event. However there are a few problems with the publish:end event, firstly it isn't called for every language that is published and it isn't possible to easily get a list of all the languages that were published.

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