The latest release of Glass.Mapper.Sc is designed to make it easier for developers to customise and also contribute to the project.

Firstly you can download the items required to get the Glass.Mapper integration tests running from the Glass build server as an update package, one of the many great features of TDS. You can download these packages from the Artifacts of the Nightly Build:

We have also made multiple changes to the API to make it easier to override or change behaviours including:

  • Making individual methods as virtual in GetModel and GetModelFromView, these methods are used as part of the mvc.getModel pipeline.
  • Factories are now used internally to construct the SitecoreContext, GlassHtml and GlassContext. This factory can be replaced using the static factory definitions on SitecoreContextFactory.Default, GlassContextProvider.Default and DependencyResolver.GlassHtmlFactory. Overriding these will allow you to decide when and how these services are created. For example you might have different mapping configurations for different sections of your site or your can customise how GlassHtml renders images.

We have also had a great contribution by Alexander Smagin. The Sitecore self mapper allows you to map the item currently being mapped to another model that is a property of the current class. He has blogged on creating composite models for mapping data, it is an interesting idea and worth a read.

For more information about this release then checkout the Releases page and also Nathanael Mann's blog post.