Implementing Glass.Mapper and Sitecore

Through our consultancy service we can help you with the development and implementation of your Glass.Mapper solution:

  • Implementation advice and planning for both Sitecore and Glass.Mapper.
  • Review your implementation and suggest how it can be improved.
  • Best practices on how to use the framework.
  • Advice on how you can customise  Glass.Mapper to support your needs and implementing the customisation.
  • Development resource to help  you implement your Glass.Mapper and Sitecore solution.
  • Planning your Sitecore implementation.

Please feel free to contact us at

I have a Glass.Mapper issue! 

Glass.Mapper is a great product and we have tried to design it to be as simple as possible but from time to time everyone needs a little help, especially when errors start to occur.

We don't offer a support contract, instead we provided consultancy as and when it is needed to help teams solve bugs and issues. 

Normally only a few hours is need to track down and solve and issue.

If you are experiencing a problem and need help please contact us at