The easiest way to map Sitecore data to code.

Glass.Mapper.Sc allows you to move your data from Sitecore and into your code seamlessly using strongly typed objects.

The framework allows you to map data on to c# classes and interfaces without any additional mark-up. As the data is mapped to your target objects it is converted to the target type. Take a look at this simple example:

    public class Demo
        public virtual Guid Id { get; set; }

        public virtual string Title { get; set; }

        public virtual DateTime Date { get; set; }

        public virtual string Url { get; set; }
    public class DemoController : Controller {
       public ActionResult Index(){
          var mvcContext = new MvcContext();
          var model = mvcContext.GetCurrentItem<Demo>();
          var url = model.Url;
          return View(model);

 To find out more about how to use Glass.Mapper.Sc view the free lectures from our Training Course.

Page Editor support

Get full page editor support and still use POC classes.

Full read and write

Glass.Mapper.Sc supports full read, write, creating and deleting of items.

Code Gen or No Code Gen

Generate your models automatically using tools like TDS or write them by hand because they are so simple.

User Interfaces of Classes

Glass.Mapper allows you to map to both interfaces and classes, you choose how to build your solution.

Use with Sitecore Search

Use Glass.Mapper.Sc to help populate your models from Sitecore Search.

Model Relationships

Model relationships such as parent, child, linked and perform adhoc queries.

You Decide How

Add configuration or don't. Do all your mapping when the application starts or don't. You decide!

Customise using Pipelines

Use Pipelines to customise how Glass.Mapper maps your data to your models. Giving you full flexibility in your solution.

Map to native .Net types

Map directly to and from standard .Net types such as string, int and float, IEnumerable and your own types!

Metadata and Field Mapping

Map fields and item properties like Url, Path and Name.

Make your code unit testable

Use your own models and Glass interfaced services to make your solutions more testable and resilient.

MVC and Webforms Support

Use on both your Web Forms and MVC solutions using a single syntax.

Attribute and fluent configuration

You decide on the style configuration you want to use or don't use any!

Constructor Injection

Inject services and dependencies into your models when they are created.

Map Third Party Classes

Glass.Mapper.Sc will map classes that you haven't written allowing everything to be a model!

Dynamic keyword support

Use the dynamic keyword to map data without even using a model.