Get the most from your Glass solutions.

To help developers get up to speed with Glasss.Mapper.Sc V5 we have a self-paced online training course that covers all the major features of Glass.Mapper.Sc. You can find out more about the contents of this course below.

We also have a short free course which will give you a taste of how the Glass.Mapper.Sc framework works.

Glass.Mapper.Sc V5 Online Training

The online course allows students to learn about how to use Glass.Mapper.Sc at their own pace from the comfort of their office or home.

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The course is a combination of lectures that introduce the new concepts of Glass.Mapper.Sc. Lectures are reinforced by a training site that developers construct through the course using the skills that they have just learnt.

    Throughout the course students will be tested on the knowledge that they have learnt and will receive a unique certificate of completion

    The course has 64 lectures, 24 exercises which cover the following topics:

    • Install Glass.Mapper.Sc
    • Mapping field, metadata and relationships
    • Using the different services in Glass.Mapper.Sc V5
    • Understanding how to register Glass.Mapper.Sc services with an IOC container
    • Working with the Sitecore Experience Editor
    • Using Sitecore Content Search with Glass.Mapper
    • Unit Testing
    • And more...

    We are adding new lectures to the training course based on feedback from the community. Students who enrol on the course will automatically get access to these new lectures when they are added.

    By taking the training course you also help to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the Glass.Mapper.Sc project.

    Ken McAndrew - Senior Software Engineer

    "I’ve been using Glass for nearly four years, and the improvements in Glass 5 are definitely worth an upgrade. Just as worth your time is the training course that was introduced with Glass 5, the most in-depth look at the essential features of Glass I’ve seen. Beyond the basic topics, the course goes into using search with Glass, configuring Glass with Helix, dependency injection, unit testing, and more. You’ll truly understand the power of the tool when you’re done, and be recognized as a certified Glass developer to boot. And it’s a reference tool you’ll come back to again and again. "

    Sitecore MVP's Discount

    If you are a current Sitecore MVP you can receive a 30% discount on the training course. 

    To claim you discount email before you sign-up. We will then issue you a discount code to use when you register for the course.


    Multiple Students Discount

    If you are planning to enrol multiple students into the course then you can take advantage of our multiple student discount. To take advantage of the discount you must be enrolling 5 or more new student on the course (existing students do not count towards this number).

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    Free Quick Start Course

    The Free Glass.Mapper.Sc introduction course will show you the basics of Glass.Mapper.Sc. The course covers the following

    • Install Glass.Mapper.Sc
    • Creating your first model
    • Using Glass.Mapper.Sc with Sitecore MVC
    • Using the Experience Editor
    • Mapping relationships.

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