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The Glass.Mapper.Sc V5 Online Training course is an in-depth learning program designed to get developers confidently using the Glass.Mapper.Sc framework. After completing this course, a developer will know and understand all major features of the Glass.Mapper.Sc framework. This will help to improve the quality and speed of their Sitecore development and delivery.

The training course consists of the following:

  • 64 lectures

  • 24 exercises

  • 17 quizzes

Throughout the course, students learn by creating a training site and taking a series of quizzes to reinforce their knowledge.

Once complete, each student receives a certificate of completion.

The list below is a detailed summary of the topics covered by the training course.

  • What Glass.Mapper.Sc is and why you should use it.

  • Where Glass.Mapper.Sc fits within your application.

  • The differences between wrapper and mapper frameworks.

  • Installing Glass.Mapper.Sc for the first time: Which nuget package to install and when.

  • Creating your first models.

  • Different configuration options and techniques:

    • Attribute

    • Fluent

    • Automapping

    • On-Demand

  • Field mapping and mapping to Glass specific types.

  • How Glass.Mapper.Sc uses the RenderField pipeline.

  • Mapping item information for example item path, item name and item URL.

  • Mapping item relationships:

    • Children

    • Parent

  • Inferring types when mapping relationships.

  • Using template enforcement to filter items when they are mapped.

  • Using different property accessors - public and protected.

  • Working with interfaces.

  • How lazy loading is used to optimise performance.

  • Why Glass.Mapper.Sc models are disconnected from Sitecore.

  • How to use the ISitecoreService to save and create new Sitecore items.

  • Using the different context services - IRequestContext, IMvcContext and IWebFormsContext.

  • Using option classes to control how models are loaded by Glass.Mapper.Sc.

  • Working with the fluent option builders to request items from Sitecore.

  • Using GlassHtml to render content:

    • Make fields editable.

    • Using advanced page editor features.

    • Rendering images.

    • Rendering links.

    • Creating Edit Frames using your models.

  • Mapping rendering parameters to your models.

  • Testing business logic using Glass.Mapper.Sc.

  • Using the Glass.Mapper.Sc internal caching mechanism.

  • Using Glass.Mapper.Sc with dependency injection.

  • Working with Glass.Mapper.Sc and Sitecore search.

  • How to use Glass.Mapper.Sc to diagnose model creation issues and performance.

  • Using Glass.Mapper.Sc in a Helix solution.


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