In my last blog post I discussed how I had moved to a paid for training course to help fund and support the Glass.Mapper.Sc project. I also discussed different ways that the project could be supported, ( e.g. donations, sponsorship, etc) and requested feedback from the community.

Many people gave me feedback via Slack and I really appreciate their input, my thanks to all of you.

The majority said that they would be happy to donate a small amount to help support the project which was awesome to hear.

To allow this I have created a Patreon Supporters page for the Glass.Mapper.Sc project.

What is Patreon? - Patreon is a systems that allows fans and users of a creator to support and fund their work. It is used by content creators on YouTube, SoundCloud and other open source projects.

When you sign to support the project you will also receive different benefits depending upon tier and you can be added to the Supporters Page! This lets the world know what an awesome person you are :-).

Your support will provide the time to do the following:

  • Create free, publicly available comprehensive documentation.
  • Keep Glass.Mapper.Sc up to date with the latest SC version.
  • Provide documentation on architecture with Glass.Mapper.Sc
  • Improve Helix project support.
  • Improve code documentation.
  • Just make the framework even more awesome!
  • Provide more blog posts on tips and tricks that can be performed with Glass.Mapper.Sc.


With your help I can make Glass.Mapper.Sc the best it can be!

Glass needs your support!

Glass.Mappper.Sc is supported by the generous donations of the Glass.Mapper.Sc community! Their donations help fund the time, effort and hosting for the project.

These supporters are AMAZING and a huge thank you to all of you. You can find our list of supporters on the Rockstars page.

If you use Glass.Mapper.Sc and find it useful please consider supporting the project. Not only will you help the project but you could also get a discount on the Glass.Mapper.Sc training and join the Rockstars page.

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