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This post has been migrated, original date 13 Sep 2008 I have spent the day at BathCamp 08 organised by some excellent guys (a few I am lucky to work with). Been a brilliant day of sharing ideas and having discussions. This is my first barcamp and I really enjoyed the difference in style to a formal conference style meeting. The informal, casual nature of the camp has meant that talks generate much more discussion than I have seen at conferences and barriers do not exist between those talk and those listening. Discussion ranged from advertising on web pages and frameworks to sessions on juggling and make espresso. I particularly enjoyed the espresso talk, mainly because I am a caffeine addict and learning of the best way to get my daily does was awesome. The evening was followed by pizza and quiz and a trip to the pub. Unfortunately the quiz only succeeded in proving that my general knowledge is awful and that I shouldn’t bother entering pub quizzes. After the pub it was back to the venue for some late night films (which we are actually watching at the moment). Overall a really great event which I hope will be repeated in the future. Lots of interesting people with lots of interesting guys. Once again just a big thanks to all those who organised it.