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This post has been migrated, original date 24 May 2010 I need a quick way to disable HTML caching on a Sitecore server. I didn't want to mess around with the sites setting because I wanted something a little more generic. You might be tempted to set Caching Enabled to false.
            Determines if caching should be enabled at all
            Specify 'true' to enable caching and 'false' to disable all caching
        <setting name="Caching.Enabled" value="true" />
However changing this to false will cause your site to never load! A better solution is to use the HTML Lifetime setting:
      <!--  HTML LIFETIME
            The lifetime of HTML fragments added to the cache.
            Default value: 00:00:00 (ie. eternal life)
    <setting name="Caching.HtmlLifetime" value="00:00:00" />
Change this from 00:00:00 to 00:00:01.