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This post has been migrated, original date 14 Jan 2009. Some content maybe missing. Noticed a weird thing when I tried to use Visual Studio 2008 to edit some scala. First of I created a solution containing a C# class library. Yeh I know this won't compile but I am just using Visual Studio to edit the files and manage the files. So I have my solution like so: So I went to add a file, so I right clicked on the project and select Add New Item and selected Text File: So I wrote some simple code and tried to compile it (using the command prompt) and got this error: So I tried again but this time going through the file menu to create the file, and again select Text File: I entered the same code and ran it again and this time it worked: So I thought there must be something weird going on with the encoding,  but when I checked both were UTF-8. So I check the file size, and strangly there is a 3 byte difference, the first file was 129 bytes and the second file is 126 bytes. I do not know enough about file formats to shed any light on what is causing this, so for now I will just be using the file menu method to add files to my project. Maybe someone who knows more about these things could shed some light on this.